ov-chipkaart… here I come!

September 9, 2009

I decided at the very last minute, to go and see my parents in Nuremberg, Germany. A friend gave me the hint of an annual travel card for about 55Euro plus a sort of European travelcard for additional 15Euro. The first one would give me a discount of 40% on all trains in The Netherlands except from 4am to 9am from Monday to Friday, obviously to avoid the morning peak hours. The second one would give me 25% discounts on all European trains. Not too bad eh? The absolute crazy thing about this first card, called ov-chipcaart, is that it also has the function of an oystercard. For the whole of The Netherlands Every city I mean! How cool is that? I can travel by bus, train or tram with the same card. I just need to top it up with some money and there you go! All in one! I love this country! So organised! And so cute that when you get into the ticket office at the train station (Station Centraal), there is a lovely lady greeting you and asking what you need and directing you to the right counter. And if you need an international ticket, she provides you with a ticket with a number on so that you don’t have to stand in a queue for your turn but can relax on the sofa while waiting for your number to pop up from the screen! Of course if you buy your ticket from the counter instead of the Internet they ask you a booking fee, but hey! At the exit there is a sign with “have a nice day” written on it, positioned just on top of the door. What do you want more? And you already know which platform it is on without you needing to bend your neck like thousands of other stressed people and then rush to the train as if they were giving away holiday packages for free!! Needless to say that the train from Frankfurt was running late by about 30 minutes, but this is already another country!

Ohh and I was sitting right behind the driver! I kind of like this job! Maybe I should apply… me as a train conductor!!! ;o))




2 Responses to “ov-chipkaart… here I come!”

  1. Richard said

    I always thought you were a secret transport nerd. Now it is confirmed. I will let Malcolm know that you have joined the club.

  2. danisdoubledutch said

    ssshhhhh! It’s a secret!!! 😉

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